Day 311: Some Baby Names

Here are some baby names I think people are over looking. I hope this helps steer some of you expectant parents in the right direction.


  1. Eleven
  2. Turkey (Turk)
  3. God, Zeus, Dio, or Sting
  4. Farnsworth (personal fav)
  5. The Edge (clearly there aren’t enough names with “the” in front of them)
  6. The Boss (case in point)
  7. The Steve (bad example)
  8. Budweiser
  9. L.O.L
  10. Pope (I really wish my name was Pope)
  11. Klonopin
  12. Tommy Lee
  13. Heinz 57 Sauce
  14. Zantac
  15. Beavis
  16. Lionel (I’ve never met a Lionel, but would like to.)


  1. Coriander
  2. Scarf
  3. Canasta
  4. Valtrex
  5. Yummy Salad
  6. Furr
  7. Duodenum (eh, maybe not)
  8. Magdalen (let’s take it back, ladies)
  9. Viola
  10. Effexor
  11. Myhhr
  12. Glamour
  13. Marie-Claire
  14. Privilege
  15. Xanax
  16. Kixx
  17. PEANUT (always in all caps)
Sorry, in advance, as I’m sure I missed some obvious good ones.



44 thoughts on “Day 311: Some Baby Names

  • I used to work for a company that helped school aged kids. I got some doozies:

    Pajama-pronounced Pa-zha-may, Stallion, A'real Temple, and a family; mom Billiejo, dad Billy Jo and son Billy Jo Jr.

  • Good lord. This reminds me of my husbands names he wanted to name our son. The first was Graglor, the second was Tilbo. Thankfully we agreed on a first name, his second name was from a poll I did at the office I worked at! We ended up with 30 or so names and picked Lachlan. We thought it was cool and different to balance the traditional sounding first name.

  • I used to work front desk at a hotel. Come across a lot of names that way. two of my favorites: #1 Candy Shoemaker. She was also a Little Person. Was heavenly. #2 Michael Balls… For obvious reasons.

    I also have a daughter named Indiana, which most people think is weird, but I think its cool.

  • Did you spell "Myrrh" wrong on purpose, to be all edgy? … one trait I find really annoying about baby names is taking a perfectly normal name and then spelling it bizarrely – "Krysstall" and "Gynnafirr" for example. UGH. Also, I think "Magda" (short for Magdalen" is a great name! Agree, we should take it back. :-)

  • your list sounds much like the one my husband and i came up with sitting in the bath one night. 7 months pregnant and not agreeing on any names yet we were reduced to looking around and coming up with things like "washcloth", "soap bubble" and "toaster oven" (no, we don't keep one of those in the washroom)….

  • My daughter's name is Sarah. My husband and I used to say her middle name was going to be Lee because, well, you know… My dad was a Lionel. And yes, you would have liked him very much.

  • Christiana says:

    I actually named my boy Cosmo. It's a real name, but people assume we made it up, and I get all sorts of flack. He goes to school with girls named Kestral and Blue. Nobody seems to bat an eye at those though.

    Does it go without saying that we live in CA?

  • Seriously my husband wanted to name our son Star Fighter. He would have even settled as that for a middle name. I had a t-shirt made for him and named our kid.

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