‎10 Things I Would do for a Klondike Bar

  1. Ask my wife if we have any Klondike Bars.
  2. Say yes when someone offers me a Klondike Bar.
  3. Tell someone I would probably eat a Klondike Bar if they gave me one.
  4. Choose a Klondike Bar when offered it among other less savory choices.
  5. Say “Klondike Bar” 4 times.
  6. Eat a warm-up Klondike Bar.
  7. Draw a Klondike Bar with an easily attainable pencil or pen.
  8. Write down the words “Klondike Bar” on some kind of ordering menu at a place that offers Klondike Bars.
  9. Cross the street to talk to someone who’s yelling “I have free Klondike Bars”
  10. Call a toll free number that guarantees free delivery of Klondike Bars.

3 thoughts on “‎10 Things I Would do for a Klondike Bar

  • I actually got food posioning from a Klondike bar that had been refrozen after half-melting. It was purchased from the 'corner store' on Christmas Eve. I was 5 and spent Christmas vomiting. I couldn't pay me take a Klondike bar.

  • I just pulled something laughing at this.

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