Day 233: Needed: Shirts for Tall Dudes

At 6 feet 6 inches, I’m tall enough that normal people clothes don’t fit me. The Big and Tall stores seem to be extremely focused on the “big” part of their commitment, so I’d have to gain a hundred pounds to get anything there.  Even then, the fashion at those stores is either “Pavarotti plays badminton” or “It’s EATIN’ TIME!” They don’t really stock anything that fits me physically, socially or emotionally. There’s also the Land’s End type catalogues which offer “tall” sizes and while the medium-tall fits me pretty well, the fashion just screams “DAD COMIN!” Yes, I know I’m a father, but I would prefer people discover that when they see my children, not my “Sportsman Sweater Fleece Half-Zip.” Yes, that’s a real product, and I’m sure it’s a hit on casual Fridays at the Allstate Insurance Corporate offices. American Apparel also offers a tall size in their t-shirts. Unfortunately, I think it’s some kind of cruel joke- I got one and it came half way down my thigh. You would have to be 7’6″ for this shirt to fit at all. Oh, you want a TALL shirt? Here you go, Manute (click it. I was once called that in high school.)

There’s some conspiracy by short powerful people to prevent tall people from being cool. Like we’ve already been blessed with height, and therefore have no claim on comfort or style. Generally the length of an XL shirt is fine, but the girth allows room for at least two more dudes wearing football pads. Then, when you wash a shirt, it shrinks in length but not in width, so after a month, I’m wearing a cloth box that barely covers my navel. Unless you want to see a grown man doing laundry and listening to NPR in a “Vixen World Tour 1989” belly shirt, don’t come to my house tomorrow morning around 10:30am.

“But Jason, I’ve seen plenty of very tall NBA stars who look very fashionable.” They have their clothes custom made. Plus, I disagree with you, they all look ridiculous in their double breasted blazers and parachute pants. If you see those guys in their houses when they’re relaxing, they’re always wearing sweat pants and tank tops. That’s my other option for clothing: “The off duty athlete.” At 39 years old, I’m not going to walk around my town wearing knee length nylon shorts and a practice jersey of a dude 20 years my junior. I don’t play basketball, so I’m not wearing those clothes, just like I’m not prancing around in a headband and spandex (I don’t care for cardio salsa classes at the YMCA).

So I do the only thing I can. I wear clothes that are too short. I try to wear cool belts, keep my pants at waist level and my pubic line neatly trimmed. I’m not TRYING to wear my shirts like Robert Plant or that dude from the Black  Crowes, it just so happens that’s the only choice I’ve been given. If you want to see me in a shirt that fits that I also like, sign my petition asking Motley Crue to make their next concert t-shirt in a medium-tall.



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  • American Apparel just released a proper tall tee. Only in black or white for now.
    approx 2 inches on the medium…

  • I appreciate the number of suggestions made here. My son will be 20 this month. He’s 6’6″ and ALL body. Most of the tall shirts are still only 2″ longer than most regular size shirts and they just don’t work for him. He needs several inches longer. We’ve gone to Casual Male out of desperation and gotten a few graphic tees. Right now, all he wants to wear are t-shirts with a short-sleeve button-down shirt over the top. I don’t want to pay $50+ for a shirt because he doesn’t take care of them – he also needs shirts that don’t wrinkle since he doesn’t fold, iron, or hang them up. I’m going to try KingSize and see how that goes. There are so many online stores that allow you to design your own graphic t-shirt but none of them carry LONG sizes. I’ve even emailed several of them and requested longer sizes and have never even gotten a response. If anyone knows of one that carries 36″ length shirts, I’d love to know.

  • Guys I’ve had this same problem forever. So I decided to make them!

    They’re called Tallboy Tees and you can get them here for just 29 bucks :)

    You’re welcome.

  • I hear you all- I am 6'7" and about 240. I, too would never set foot in a big and tall store to save my life- I would rather wear a potato sack than the garbage they sell in those places. I have found luck at certain stores and certain brands that I know fit and are stylish. Namely, I almost always have luck at Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack. Also, carries a lot of designer brands in tall sizes. In some brands I don't even need to buy tall sizes. Faconnable is one brand that fits me perfectly in terms of button-down shirts. I buy their XL Tall, and it works very well. Their Club fit runs more slim, and they make M and L Tall as well, I believe. In their "classique" fit, I can wear a regular XL as they run long. Also, Tailorbyrd is another brand that runs long, and I can wear a regular XL. Both brands are fairly expensive though, so once you have your size down, you can usually find deals online on or other sale sites and on the Tailorbyrd or Faconnable website. 6PM is a great website, once you have found brands and sizes that work- everything is name brand and usually about 50% off of what it would be normally. Also, Quicksilver shirts run long as well, I have found. Howe shirts run long as well, in most of their styles- in T Shirts and button-down. Typically, I can wear their button-down shirts in a regular XL. Diesel and Seven jeans fit me well too. Even at 6'7" I can wear the Diesel Quratt and Larkee in 36X34, as their jeans run long. Many fits of Seven jeans run about 35." The Seven Austyn is a 36" length and are really comfortable and a good cut. Let me know how I can help, I would never hesitate to assist another fellow tall person in need.

  • Ahhh, we feel ya. FireMan is 6'7". Usually he resorts to wearing XXL shirts, or an XL Long of certain brands.

    His captain keeps telling him to tuck in his shirt, and complaining about how he looks in his uniform, but… well, when they only order stock sizes and refuse to special order a long-length shirt? He finally went to the chief and told him that either they paid to special order uniforms for it, or the other officers needed to lay off. That finally seemed to do the trick.

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