Day 208: Bucket List

These are in no particular order and RIGHT off the top of my head.

  1. Blow up a car.
  2. Go back to St. Thomas with my wife before I look like shit.
  3. Run 100 balls in straight pool.
  4. Trash an expensive hotel room.
  5. Understand the movie 12 Monkeys.
  6. Put out a CD of my comedy (not self produced).
  7. Get more chest hair.
  8. Be involved in a titanium suitcase transfer.
  9. Spend a spring with my whole family in a Villa in Tuscany.
  10. Have a drug fueled weekend with old friends.
  11. Go to a theater to watch a movie I wrote/ Watch the premiere of a show I wrote on television.
  12. Have the ability to turn down ice cream.
  13. Find out why my ears itch.
  14. Make a better bucket list.
  15. Take my Mom to Barcelona.
  16. Enjoy cheese more.
  17. Kick someone’s ass who really deserves it. Don’t cry afterwards.
  18. Watch my boys succeed at something they worked hard on.
  19. Stop talking about myself.
  20. Actually enjoy a picnic.

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