Day 154: New Rush Album!

Rush is realeasing a new album filled with previously recorded but never released tracks. As president of the Rush fanclub, I was provided a track list. The album is titled “Easels for Medusa” which is AWESOME. The track names are vintage Rush, and you can really see Neil Peart’s influence. I hope you’re as excited as I am about this album coming out. I’ve heard rumors that every song is in 11/8 time signature. I’m PUMPED.


  1. The Sumerian Hobgoblin
  2. Chronicles of The Owl’s Claw (Alternate: The Shrinking Talons of Lore)
  3. Blankets of Wise Men and Tribes I, II, III, and VII
  4. Barnstormers Pilots and Boysenberries
  5. Gifts of Giza: Ancient Times and Modern Morays
  6. Tears of the Wizard’s Wife
  7. Ricochet Magnets (Drum Solo)
  8. Chronicles of The Owl’s Claw IV – Talons
  9. The Irony Militia: Times and Words
  10. Reflections in a Jasmine Pond: Narcissus’ Ally

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  • Disclaimer 1: I don't know if I'd recognize a Rush song if I heard it .

    BUT, through a former colleague, I got to know a band that my colleague always told me was heavily inspired by Rush.

    Disclaimer 2: I'm missing whatever gene makes it possible to enjoy listening to anything even tiptoeing close to being a metal band.

    AND, for me, The Travis Larson Band tiptoed way over that line. But their artistry is indisputable, even to someone who has to cover her ears to sit through most of it.

    Anyway, here's a link:

    It's all instrumental, though Travis has a good voice — he's weird about singing, for some reason — so I was honored to hear one of his few live vocal performances when they were celebrating something (I don't know — I can't remember — how can I be expected to retain all these details?!).

    Side note: they're just really nice people. Travis plays like a kid who's completely entranced by the guitar and can't believe he gets to play with it (gets that same goofy look on his face sometimes that makes Eddie Van Halen so charming [to me, anyway — again, not a band whose music I particularly enjoyed] — you just feel how happy his playing makes him).

    So, check 'em out if you're in the mood.

    And, don't tell 'em I sent you — at least, don't tell 'em what a crappy job I did "promoting" them (and no, I'm not their promoter, obviously…did I really have to add *that* disclaimer?). I've never had the heart to tell 'em that their music isn't my cup of tea…just keep attending their live shows when in the area, buying their CD's and t-shirts, 'cause they're nice folks and artists struggling to make a living doing what they love.

  • My husband is a Rush geek. This is genius!

  • This is friggin' brilliant! (It's just a joke, lisa.)

  • hi jason,

    i tried to google the Rush album and couldnt find a thing. i suppose since you are the prez you have early access, but is there a release date yet? my hubby is a superfan and i would love to get him the album for his bday in july…any chance?

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