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My Wife, The Aggressive Nature Observer

I like nature perhaps five percent more than the average person. I go for walks in the woods, sometimes strolling over to the lake where I sit and enjoy the rhythm of the water. Unfortunately, that is not enough for my wife. She wants me to enjoy the shit out of it. She’s one of those rare people who will stare at a quivering leaf, or marvel at how a ladybug navigates the arm of her chair for minutes on


The Zoo

The following is an excerpt from the final chapter of my book, Rock, Meet Window: A Father-Son Story    One summer day when I was eleven, Mom, Dad, and I had plans to go to the zoo. For the previous three weeks, however, I had been pilfering quarters from Dad’s change bowl and burying them in Mom’s flower bed next to the front porch (perhaps this was overly cautious). That morning, I’d decided to dig up my treasure and head to



This is the prologue to my new memoir, “Rock, Meet Window: A Father-Son Story.” Buy it at your local book store, or on _________ Thirty years ago, my father tried to force-feed me a beet. We were sitting at the dining room table he purchased that morning in an auction at the Delaware County Library. After he struggled to get it through the front door, Mom had him place it just so and then spread an old blanket underneath. Armed


8 Rules for Using Marijuana with an Aging Parent

Baby boomers are getting older, and some are getting sick. Luckily, marijuana is becoming a legit treatment for… well, almost anything. Having legally bought and “vaped” marijuana with my older, ailing father, I wanted to provide some helpful tips for those of you yet to navigate these green waters. 1. Be sure to have all  paperwork in order. If your parent is anything like my dad, getting turned away from a dispensary due to “bureaucratic bullshit” will spiral him into


Where There’s a Will

This is an excerpt from my new memoir, “Rock, Meet Window: A Father-Son Story.”  Buy it at your local book store, or on _________ I was always a horrible student: distracted, antsy, disruptive. Maybe I was bored, but mostly I remember thinking school was stupid. After trying everything else, Mom and Dad bought a collection of VHS tapes called “Where There’s a Will, There’s an A.” When I finished rolling my eyes, I watched the first tape to appease them,


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